Wills, Estate Planning, and Probate

Our law firm provides a wide range of legal services in the areas of business, real estate transactions, water rights, general civil litigation, estate planning, and probate.

Wills and Estate Planning

Our attorneys advise clients regarding their options for disposition of real and personal property after death, and we create the necessary documents to carry out our clients’ wishes.  We consider such matters as avoiding or minimizing estate taxes and avoiding probate.  We also assist clients in setting out their end-of-life health care wishes through advanced health care directives and health care powers of attorney.

Summary of Wills and Estate Planning Services

·  wills  ·  living trusts or inter vivos trusts  ·  testamentary trusts  ·  living wills  ·  advanced health care directives  ·  health care powers of attorney  ·  durable powers of attorney  ·  transfer on death deeds  ·  probate avoidance  ·  tax planning


Our attorneys assist clients with the appointment of personal representatives for estate administration and in dealing with the legal process during which the will is admitted to probate; the assets of the deceased are inventoried; all debts, creditor claims, and taxes are paid or discharged; and assets are distributed to the beneficiaries and heirs.

Summary of Probate Services

·  will probate  ·  estate administration  ·  will contests  ·  trust settlement  ·  appointment of personal representative  ·  creditor’s claims  ·  estate distribution  ·  mediation

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