Water Rights and Water Law

Our firm provides a wide range of legal services in the areas of business, real estate transactions, water rights, general civil litigation, estate planning, and probate.

Water Rights and Water Law

Our firm represents clients in matters relating to water rights and water law. Our firm’s complimentary strengths in real estate law and water rights enable us to provide quality, comprehensive representation in these matters. We advise and assist clients in the application for water rights; the purchase, sale and transfer of water rights; water rights adjudication; all aspects of administrative proceedings, hearings, and other matters relating to water rights and the Office of the State Engineer; and water rights disputes and litigation.

Summary of Water Rights and Water Law Services

·  declarations of water rights  ·  applications to appropriate water rights  ·  water rights transfers  ·  applications to change point of diversion, place of use, purpose of use  ·  change of ownership  ·  State Engineer hearings  ·  water rights purchase and sales  ·  trespassing  ·  adjudications  ·  protests  ·  water rights litigation

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