General Civil Litigation

Our law firm provides a wide range of legal services in the areas of business, real estate transactions, water rights, general civil litigation, estate planning, and probate.


Although our firm’s policy is to assist our clients in avoiding costly litigation when it makes good economic sense to do so, our firm is prepared to handle litigation matters whenever it becomes necessary.  Our firm represents clients in a broad area of civil litigation, including complex business dissolutions; contract litigation; and real estate litigation, including easement disputes, boundary disputes, quiet title suits, and covenant disputes.  Our firm represents business entities and owners, homeowners associations, and individuals in a broad range of litigation matters.  Our firm also represents clients in appeals of administrative or district court decisions before the appellate courts.

Summary of Litigation Services

·  contract litigation  ·  construction litigation  ·  business dissolution  ·  business licensing issues  ·  real estate disputes  ·  quiet title suits  ·  title problems  ·  partition actions  ·  trespassing  ·  liens  ·  evictions · foreclosures  ·  redemption purchases  ·  easement disputes  ·  boundary disputes  ·  covenant disputes  ·  contractor disputes  ·  eminent domain  ·  condemnation  ·  landlord rights  ·  evictions  ·  unlawful detainer  ·  neighbor disputes  ·  insurance issues  ·  administrative proceedings  · administrative hearings  ·  water rights hearings  · water rights protests ·  administrative appeals  ·  judicial appeals

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